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     We are your neighbors, the kids down the street, the business owner up the street.  We are the doctors who take care of you, the parents who care for you.  We are the people who are affected by drug abuse as well as those who abuse drugs.  We are everyone in the world.

    Our purpose is twofold;  to raise awareness of and money for drug abuse prevention.  Our focus is mainly on kids including teens.   It is our aim to not merely present this to children but  rather to actively involve them, making this their issue.

We will assist any local group, school, church, anyone who wants to make a difference in giving kids the tools they need to stay off drugs.   We will help you stage a successful event and show you how to get local businesses and media involved to raise awareness and money for your prevention program.

The main event is the quarter mile run for kids of all ages (so far ages 2-80) where everyone who crosses the finish line wins a medal that says, "I'm a winner, I don't do drugs".   From there what you want to do with the event is up to you.  You can add a mile run for teens, 5K run and walk, field events, relays even on up to a 24 hour relay.  The only limitations are your imagination and determination.

You may also consider doing the Run Drugs Out of Drugs Run as a relay and have each class run as a team.  If you are working with middle or high school students they may be more interested in doing a Relay 4 Us where they can raise thousands of dollars for their school.
If you want more information or would like to get started on your own event just send us an email with your questions and we will try to answer each one right away.  

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