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We want to raise awareness about drug abuse prevention.

    Drug abuse affects us all.  Not just the ones with a needle in their arm, the ones too drunk to function in the real world or the ones who smoke cigarettes all day long.   It affects us all.  It affects the children who have to modify their behavior for the ones they love who can't control their use.   It affects the people who are victims of the side effects.   Not just the ones who have been harmed or killed by drunk drivers but all of society.   Estimates are that as many as seventy percent of all the arrests in this country are drug related or involve a suspect who is high on drugs or alcohol.

    In 1933 Congress repealed Prohibition because it didn't work.  For that matter it didn't work with Adam and Eve either.  It still doesn't work but prevention does.  We aim to show more people that an ounce of prevention, in this effort, is worth a  TON of cure.

    Our run is aimed primarily at children because it is the best time to get this message across.   They need to hear from parents, teachers and every other grown ups that they don't have to do drugs and they can say no without feeling wrong.    It is important to do this because there are too many people out there telling them that the drugs are fun and that they make you feel  good.  They also listen to older kids which is why we are asking teens to help. 

If you don't talk to your kids someone else will.

    If you would like to be kept up to date on the latest information about smoking, drinking and all the other drugs and how to make a difference in your community then sign up for our free newsletter.  Just send a blank email to subscribe@rundrugsoutoftownrun.org


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