Pledge Sheet

There are three ways to raise money for your Relay 4 Us

  1. Pledges
  2. Donations
  3. Sponsorships
    First and foremost have the students ask for pledges and donations.  Most of us in the community have had kids ring our doorbell to sell magazines and newspaper subscriptions and more and they are easier to turn away.  Why because they don't really believe in the product they are pushing.

    Here is the difference.  Your students will not be selling anything but themselves and this is one time when that is a good thing.  Kids who are excited because they are doing something good and they are actively participating will generate a lot more in the way of pledges and donations.

Who should we ask?  Kids will not need to go far.

Lets do the math.
    An average runner who can be replaced anytime they are tired will take about 2 minutes to run a quarter mile lap.  To be safe, figure each lap will take an average of 4 minutes.  That means a team can average 15 laps in an hour.  In 12 hours that can add up to 180 laps.  For every $1 pledge/lap your team will earn $18.

    Since you will have 10 to 15 runners on a team (up to 30 if a whole classroom participates) then there will be a lot of people collecting pledges for that team.  So if each runner on a team only gets people to pledge a total of just $1 for each lap and there are just 10 runners on the team they will be raising $10/lap.  But remember you will have at least 10 teams running

Now lets go back to that average of 15 laps/hour for 12 hours that is 180 laps and in 18 hours it will be 270 laps.  Therefore (ergo):

           $10/lap                        $10/lap
    X      10 teams                 X    10 teams
   X     180 laps                   X  270 laps
    $18,000                            $27,000

Now imagine what your school can do with that amount of money!

    Not everyone your students approach will want to wait to find out how much they will have to give.  For these our pledge sheet has space for them to simply make a donation.  This can be another way to raise a large amount of money

    Businesses want to be noticed in their community and while they may call it a donation, giving food products or money to your effort is good marketing.

    Target stores will donate up to $250 in cash or products to your school event.  Just put the request in writting on your school letterhead.  The products can be used during the event or as prizes in a raffle

    Supermarkets generally will give up to $250 in cash or products and all you have to do is ask the manager.  This is a good place to get the food you need including; pasta, sauce, hot dogs, hamburgers, rolls, condiments, ice cream sandwiches.

    Companies that advertise a drug free workplace are especially interested in supporting teens who are doing something good.  Be sure to offer to put their logo on your pledge sheet and the backs of all the T-shirts.