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    If you are interested  we will help you  stage a Kids Quarter mile Run anywhere.   If you would like to have an event where you live have your mayor's office, school district, organization or school contact us right away.  This program was designed to be simple enough that anyone including a group of students could stage a successful event.

If you would like to stage The Run as a relay and raise even more money click here.
What we need:

1. A quarter mile track or other course of your desired distance.

2. A contact person to keep in touch so that we can maintain contact with your area.

3. Volunteers to help with the event.  They can be parents, teens or teachers. You will need 10 to 20 to hand out T-shirts, register runners and keep things moving smoothly.  We can also provide Colored T-shirts so that they can be easily spotted.
4.Kids who want to run drugs out of town.

    We provide all the support you will need along with the T-shirts and Medals.  We can even arrange to have the back of the T-shirts printed with your group's name and the date or your event or sponsor's logo.

    We also provide prizes for the raffle that include some to be raffled off at your event and bigger prizes to be raffled off after all the races have been run.

    Generally it takes about ninety days to coordinate everything but with full cooperation from a  school or school district you can have a large event in as little as thirty days.

    We can help you set up a race in any city, town, school district or school.   It can be as part of an already scheduled festival or as a separate event.   If you want to be actively involved in putting an end to drug abuse let us know.  Just email us at

    To find out more about how to set up your event click here.

$$$$$ We can help you raise money for your local prevention program.  Just ask!

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